Hello! 👋 I’m Atiyya.

I'm a UX / UI Designer in Chicago.

I’m passionate about combining logic and beauty to solve problems and create delightful experiences.

My Work

Here's a sample of my latest work.

I designed an app that educated users on how to properly discard items in an eco-friendly way and rewarded them for their learning habits.

I designed a new feature on a learning platform that provided an alternate learning path for learners to follow to unlock certain items.

About Me

I combine creativity with logic and data.

What I Do

I’m a UX / UI Designer who thrives when I’m able to combine both my own creative instincts with logic and data to solve problems. I’m a lifelong learner, always excited to go through the iterative process of coming up with the best solution I can.

How I Started

My journey to being a designer started in middle school when my mom offered to show me how to create a website in Macromedia 8. From there I created my first Harry Potter fansite. I became obsessed. I enjoyed both the logical side of coding the website and the creative side of making graphics and designing the layout.

After majoring in graphic design in college, I worked for a small branding agency. While I love the creativity involved, I missed using the analytical part of my brain. However, when I transitioned from graphic design to UI and UX design in my next role, I found the perfect discipline that makes the best use of my skills and engages me in a way that allows me to thrive. I’m happy to have found the types of problems I like to solve.

Outside of Work

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me taking my dog on walks, strength training, doing yoga, drawing strange creatures, or enjoying an oat milk latte. ☕️

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